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Kim Murphy - Thermomix

Join Kim for a mini retreat at Soul Fit. Starting with a January Sweat Class to work up an appetite, followed by a Vegan lunch introducing you into the world of Thermamix cooking, and topped off with a relaxing hour in the spa. And all before the school run. We look forward to seeing you.

Upcoming event
on the 4th March 

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Upcoming event
on the 30th June 

Naomi Buff - Integrative Wellbeing

Naomi is a holistic wellness and nutrition expert.  She is qualified in Holistic Health Coaching and Eating Psychology as well as sound and energy healing/alternative therapies.

Naomi's workshops at Soul Fit are a Sound and Spa experience to help you heal as whole heartedly as you can. Enjoy some of Naomi's own nutritional products after the sound bath.

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Upcoming event
on the 26th Feb 

David Williams - Tri Series

A series of Triathlon base classes aim to help you unlock your potential. Looking into off-season programming, mid season programming and how to taper for competition, David will shine a light on the tips that have brought him success in the past. The workshops will include practical gym work, Q+A's in the cafe as well as whiteboard group practical application.

Zach Hickmore - Mental Coach

Zach specialises in elite performance and the design and implementation of high-performance strategies that are geared towards optimal athletic performance and wellbeing. He works with athletes from a diverse range of sports and offers services such as: psychological support, developing individual leadership skills, coping skills and mental skills as well as building team culture and cohesion.

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