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February - The Month of Love

The gang share the things they love the most about Soul Fit .

During this month of love, we have had the offer of bringing a friend along to a class and get yourselves a drink at the cafe for free, but we also all sat down to reflect on the things that make Soul Fit so special to use, and why so many of you love coming to classes or your personal training sessions - Even though you may not love us at the time ;)

Below are the things we love about Soul Fit, if you haven't watched the video yet.

#1 - James (Big Daddy)

"What I love about Soul Fit is being out in the country side and we've got such an amazing team"

#2 - Bridie (Sarge)

"What I love about Soul Fit is the Soul Fit yellow logo colour, and the colour that's out in the cafe when you walk in. It always brings a smile on my face."

#3 - David (Lean365)

"The thing I love the most. about Soul Fit is the coffee, and of course, the amazing team."

Reminder - David Tri Workshop 1

#4 - Hannah (Grow up)

"What I love about Soul Fit is the people I work with everyday."

#5 - Aidan (Medium Daddy)

"I love the different workshops we have here at Soul Fit, they're the best!"

#6 - Emma (Eskimo)

"I love the muffins provided to us from Eden Bakes."

#7 - Audace (Two Chains)

"I just love the atmosphere here at Soul Fit. You can come and enjoy the Spa, what more could you want?"

#8 - Jade (Do you even Lift?)

"What I love about Soul Fit are the friendly welcoming team every time you walk through the door."

#9 - Tom (Small/Dense Daddy)

"What I love about Soul Fit is seeing where all our clients have been when they come back and add a magnet to our fridge."

Let us know what you love about Soul Fit. We always love hearing what our Soul Fit Family have been enjoying :)

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