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Kitty's Cabin offers the best in non surgical non invasive body sculpting. Using radio frequency and cavitation to help reduce cellulite, treatment helps accentuate all your bodies best qualities. Your first treatment starts with a consultation and can take up to roughly an hour.  


What is cavitation?

During the procedure, ultrasonic waves begin to break down the fat cells being targeted. The device transmits levels of ultrasonic energy that targets and melts fat cells in the fat cell membrane. This causes them to release glycerol and other fatty substances that are a key component of the flabby tissue. The pressure eventually causes the fat cells to break down into liquid and release their contents into the bloodstream through the lymphatic system. This does not damage any of your organs or tissues. Cavitation is extremely safe, FDA Approved, comfortable, and non-invasive procedure with virtually no side effects. During treatment, the process is comfortable and completely painless. Even though cavitation is extremely effective, women should still eat a high fibre, healthy diet and exercise. Drinking water will help the liver to metabolize fat and ensure that the procedure is successful. With the treatment we recommend you to drink plenty of water (2 litres a day). 



Tightened skin 

Reduced cellulite 

Boost collagen and elastin 

A contoured appearance 

Rejuvenated Skin

Removed stretch marks 



What is Radiofrequency?

Radio-frequency treatment is a non invasive and non surgical skin tightening and cellulite removal. Radiofrequency stimulates the skin’s fibroblasts to increase collagen replenishment to strengthen and rejuvenate skin for a smoother, tighter, more contoured appearance. This helps breaks down stubborn fat cells. With the treatment we recommend you to drink plenty of water (2 litres a day). 



Tightening of the skin 

Reduce cellulite 

Skin rejuvenation 

Radiant skin

Collagen and elastin production

Improves skin texture 



What areas of the body can be treated? 




Back & Front legs 

Inner thighs 



(Full body)